HoosWhere Podcast

EPS 149 Hooswhere ft. Michael Strauss (@mstrauss3)

December 26, 2020 Chase Minnifield, Dom Joseph, Max Milien, Michael Strauss Season 2 Episode 3
HoosWhere Podcast
EPS 149 Hooswhere ft. Michael Strauss (@mstrauss3)
Show Notes

Hooswhere podcast is where UVA alums catch up with UVA alums.  Hosted by Chase Minnifield, Dom Joseph, and Max Milien they catch up with what UVA alumni's are doing post graduation in business, life and entrepreneurship.

EPS 149 ft. Michael Strauss (@mstrauss3) - former UVA & UR football QB and current founder of Strauss and Ramm Shoes @straussandramm. We discuss his time at UVA, his decision to transfer to UR and how it felt to play UVA and his former teammates his first game at UR.  We also touch base on his shoe company and his exclusive partnership with Nordstrom!

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